Who, What, Where???

Who is DPARS???
KD4BNQ  Dale Shelor
KD4QDM   Mike Keitz
KE4JYN   David Arrington
KQ4Q   Mark Williams
N4AZJ   Tom Mallory (Silent Key)
W4VT   Don Williams

What is DPARS???
Dismal Peak Amateur Radio Society (DPARS) is an Amateur Radio corporation formed by the above six dedicated Amateur Radio operators. DPARS was incorporated in the state of Virginia on April 19, 1997. DPARS was formed for the purpose of supporting Amateur Radio communications in and around Giles County Virginia. DPARS is dedicated to providing the best Amateur Radio communication available. DPARS currently provides 4 voice repeaters and 5 digital repeaters. The entire site is powered by an eight 2046Ah lead acid battery bank! These are extremely large batteries which weigh over 450 each! The battery bank is charged by generator backed up commercial power. The DPARS communication site is truly designed and is ready for emergency communications.

Where is DPARS???
DPARS's communication site is located atop Dismal Peak mountain in Giles County at an elevation of 4150' AMSL. Located in grid square EM97nf at approximately 37°14'54"N  80°51'19"W which is about 9 miles SW of Pearisburg Virginia. The DPARS communications site is monitored by an elaborate digital alarm system activated by both motion and switches. The alarm system announces intrusion and system faults over the voice repeaters.

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